Wednesday Wonders: How to Find a Whale — Almost

When we first got on the ferry on our way to an island last week, I told my sons to look closely for whales. I had never yet seen one in the wild and always wanted to catch a glimpse. Maybe, I thought, today would be the day. They hang out in the waters near Whidbey, after all.
We looked on the way out. No luck.
On the way back, Quinton was dancing the dance of an exhausted five year old on the sun deck where he couldn’t crash into anyone or disturb others with his troubles. That’s when I felt the boat cut its engines and wondered what was up.
The captain made an announcement. A minke whale was right off the port bow. He was slowing to give the animal time to pass.
We ran to the front of the boat and scanned the waters with many other passengers running to the front deck, including my teenager. No whale. The captain said the whale had moved to starboard. We looked out that side.
No whale.
I guess captains have a much better view from where they sit, and I’m grateful he could see well enough to slow down.
I stared for a long time at the water hoping the whale would come up one more time but, like the dad next to me said, “Those guys can hold their breath for a long time.”
And that’s the closest I’ve ever come to seeing a whale in the wild.
Maybe next time.
May you find whales or at least have a grand time running down the deck to look-
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I love the way writing and other art forms open my eyes to the surprises around me in my everyday life. Many of these wonders will also be in my Instagram account since I discovered the joy of that program during an advent photo project.

I collect these surprises like little rocks in a kid’s pocket. I may use them in a story. I may not. Either way, life gets a little brighter when I take the time to notice.