Of Screaming and Munching Goats


I showed my son this video with Elsa from Frozen singing “Let it Go” as she gets interrupted by screaming goats and he said, “Yeah. Goats have been out for a while now. They’ve been sticking them in YouTube videos all over the place. It’s kind of old.”

So once again I’m behind the teenage what-is-in curve. But I can see why they got attention in the junior high crowd for a time — goats are goofy to look at and have guts of steel. Perfect for the thirteen to fifteen year old humor needs.

The other day I ran downtown with my camera to see them in action near the old Tacoma Elks building while they crunched down acres of brambles. I sure wish I’d had these four leggeds in my backyard the time I had to clear brambles. The folks renovating the crumbling building had the right idea.

Goat. Even the word makes me smile. It’s from Old English with no French influence. Goat is beautifully short, with two stop sounds, and a vowel made in the back of your throat. No wonder we make videos with them adding comic relief.

I don’t have a clear reason for this post except that these are goats, and I needed goofy critters after a week of over caffeinated baseball games, junior high field trips, late night classes and general day in the life mayhem. (And I have nothing against Frozen. The video just gave me the needed goat giggle.)