A Moving Sky


IMG_1978This past weekend I helped my sister move into a much better home in hot dry Eastern Washington. The current heat wave on the west side of the mountains feels like an everyday hot in the Tri- Cities. The temperature routinely climbs to 90+ degrees and, even though it is dry, the air hits me like a physical force. I’m always grateful for the air conditioning and marvel at the reverse of words to my children: “Shut the door! You’re letting the cold out!” I never use that last phrase at home where we don’t have the AC.

For the most part, we worked like minions in the movie Despicable Me – getting the job done and having our laughs.  We found moments of joy tucked in between the lifting of lawnmowers and scrubbing. I missed my chance to take pictures of the adorable frogs hiding in the folds of the garden hose, but I did manage to take a picture of the sky. Quinton and I saw this reflection as we sat waiting in front of the McDonald’s drive in. Before the girl with long dark braids carried out our breakfast in a sack, the sky insisted that I take its picture. Not too long after this the thunder roared and that same sky rained on our yard work and truck bed packed with bags of clothes.

You may not be able to tell from this photo how it caught my eye, but the reflection was gorgeous. Hidden in unlikely places like a fast food parking lot and garden hoses, miracles wait.