Wednesday Wonders: Cross Pollinating Your Art With New Forms

Paint brushes

Display of paint brushes

It’s an absolutely crazy idea but one of my colleagues and I are going to start an art club at work.

It’s crazy because who has that kind of time?

It’s crazy because I should focus more on my writing.

It’s crazy because we so often want to flee the building at the end of the day. This will mean staying a bit longer after most have left.

It’s crazy because making art is just crazy all by itself.

But the idea won’t leave us alone. Kelsey showed me photos of her huge canvas paintings and I showed her my sketches. We both oohed and ahed over each other’s cell phone screens and shared what we love about visual art.

I have discovered that the craziest ideas are sometimes the best. And when they are not, those wild adventures are still pure fun.

Every time I stretch myself creatively, I meet amazing people like Kelsey who give life a little more sparkle when I need it most.

Best of all, my writing always gets better for the other art forms I practice as long as I protect my time with words. Something about playing and relaxing with new expressions helps me to let go of the tension I sometimes bring to the art form I feel the most compelled to create.

Maybe what she will make will look like this:


And maybe what I draw will look like this:


If that happens, I know I will get a good laugh out of it at the very least. I love the way I can relax with drawing and painting because I am not trying to impress. And, every so often, I can move that over to my words and let go of my unreasonable longing to be the next great writer. It’s a gift that music and visual arts gives to the take-it-too-seriously writer side of me.

I am so grateful.

The art begins next month. I’ll let you know how it goes.

May you find pure crazy creative fun,

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 6.57.01 AM

P.S. Deadline for the novel is tomorrow. I am on track in spite of the fun you just saw here. Or maybe it was because of the fun. Anyway…hooray!

Free Soul Comfort Class Drawing



In a slight change from my usual posts, I’d like to offer you the chance to win a video course through the Brave Girls Club. I took my first course from these ladies in January 2011, the month I learned my dad had pancreatic cancer. Soul Restoration held me together through that time and the year that followed after his death. Something about gluing things on paper kept me glued together.

Since then I’ve shared truth cards with my church and writing group, trying to spread the joy and comfort of gluing and creating beautiful words.

The Brave Girls Club is offering a new course and giving bloggers the chance to hold drawings for free classes. I’m pasting a few of their blurbs and a video below so you can decide if it intrigues you. I hope it does. Soul comfort for the holidays might be just the thing we all need.

Melody (course creator and teacher) says, “I want to teach you some new habits of creativity mixed with simplicity that I have learned over the years. Being a recovering hoarder of supplies and techniques, this is really a new way to give yourself permission to do things simply but beautifully.

One of the most wonderful things about this course is that everything fits into one fabric tote bag . . . I wanted to create a whole course where all of the supplies fit into a tiny space so that you could take it everywhere you go…so that you could do it sitting on your bed, on your couch, with your family, do it with your children, in the car, wherever your day takes you. It’s incredible. This has changed my life. This has been something that I have used on my own and I can’t wait to share it with you.”

And here is Melody Ross with her delightfully wacky hat to tell you more in a video:

As I look at this course and create this post, I’m impressed with how connected it feels to my last post about finding balance and resisting the urge to do it all. I did not plan to do this drawing until after I’d written about the Dallas Brass.

If you’d like a enter the drawing, post a comment here, answering the question:

“What do you think of when you hear the words ‘Soul Comfort’?”

I’ll do a random drawing from the comments on Monday, September 23rd at 9:00 pm PST.