Wednesday Wonders: Peace with the Shadows


The wonders this week are heavy on the critters I know.

My cats love to harass the bird. For the most part, she takes it well, but I do lock them away from her at night so at least she can get a good night’s rest.

IMG_6736 (1)

Two shadows lurking in the background…

Ash especially likes to climb up to toast his backside with her heat lamp. Ella does not appreciate this although they have some kind of cease fire arrangement.


As I was doodling on my Sunday off from writing, I worked on a sketch long before I saw that I was drawing my own cat and bird.

Ella & Ash JPG

(The original I modeled this from and found on Pinterest is here.)

After I was done, I realized it could be Ella and Ash in a reverse of their usual spots. Perhaps when the lion and the lamb lie down together, these two will be friends.

The strongest pop of wonder came for me as I went in for the torture of getting my broken filling repaired at the dentist. (It went alright. Tooth is fixed now and I can feel my jaw once more.)

I’ve gone to this dentist in the same office for over 20 years but have never seen the view from the offices across the hall. The door was propped open because of a remodel and the view hit me just as I stepped off the elevator. For the first time, I could see the mountain that had been hiding from me all these years.

IMG_6700 (2)

My walk with Q was my last wonder for this week. The rains started up again and the creek’s back up. We were so grateful for our rain boots that let us stomp around and explore the universe full of wonder around us.

May you make peace with your lurking shadows who are attracted to your light and see the surprises in places you’ve been many times before,

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 6.57.01 AM

A recycled bit on the wonder series:

As a part of my 2016 blog revision, I started a new small weekly post I call ‘Wednesday Wonders.’

One of my favorite things about writing and other art forms is the way they open my eyes to the surprises around me in my everyday life. Many of these wonders will also be in my Instagram account since I discovered the joy of that program during an advent photo project.

I collect these surprises like little rocks in a kid’s pocket. I may use them in a story. I may not. Either way, life gets a little brighter when I take the time to notice.


Wednesday Wonders



My biggest wonder this week was a winter walk to a nearby ravine. It was a cold and clear day with the sun hovering above the horizon like it does this time of year. Q and I often travel down this path to get ourselves out of the house and into whatever Vitamin D we can find.

When it rained for 40 days and nights, this creek bed was roaring with water. Now it’s rather dry, at least up at the top where we started. Further down it filled with water dripping from the sides of the ravine. Amazing! (I would have to jump many WordPress hoops to upload my 3 second video but I did put it on Instagram if you’d like to see the water dripping.)

We had a few blackberry injuries toward the end when we got tired of scaling the fallen logs. But the wonder was absolutely worth the scratches. (At least it was to me. I might have to do some fast talking to get Q on that adventure again.)

Other wonders:


Two young men stood staring up at these trees in Wright Park.

“We thought it was an eagle, but they’re just crows.”

I thought the crows looked pretty amazing in those naked branches — almost as amazing as seeing two young men in basketball clothes staring up at the trees.


The cats rearranged the tulips I bought for Q without permission. I like their work! (That’s the wonder.)


The moon and a planet showed up to surprise us on our way to preschool the other morning.

May you know a world of wonder,

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 6.57.01 AM

See my first post on wonders to learn more about collecting art and story ideas.