Wednesday Wonders: Spring Sacraments


Spring in one of the best wonders I know and I’ve got a few photos to prove it.

Blossoms and acres of green keep finding me wherever I go:

The spring fair:

Dogs that bark at me from windows while I walk deep in the hilltop:


Of course, the black cat who curls up on rainy afternoons:


New-to-me things like glasses with modern miracles like progressive lenses:


Kids at those insane birthday parties and in living room tents that make them grin and the heads of the parents spin:

And more flowers — especially the ones in my mother’s back yard.


I keep up a good show after spring passes into summer but I never feel quite as alive as I do this time of year. I agree with Emily Dickinson. Just existing in this season feels like a sacrament.


May you find flowers and grace as we fall down into summer-

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 6.57.01 AM

Pics and Poem for the New Year


The blog revise is still in progress (maybe I’ll make it in time for the Lunar New Year).

In the meantime, I’m feeling brave on this first day of the year, so here are a few of my favorite Instagram moments from the past month along with a poem I worked with just because the cats needed some sort of ode for all the trouble they cause.

The inspiration came from Ogden Nash and an exercise in Writer to Writer: From Think to Ink by Gail Carson Levine.

“The Dog” by Ogden Nash

The truth I do not stretch or shove

When I state that the dog is full of love

I’ve also found, by actual test,

A wet dog is the lovingest.


Black Cats” by kzm

Black cats may well be best

I’m sure because of this one test

A lap full of their love

Lays my shredded yarn woes to rest.




And then my favorite shots from the last week of December.

Happy New Year!!