Wednesday Wonders: Spring Sacraments


Spring in one of the best wonders I know and I’ve got a few photos to prove it.

Blossoms and acres of green keep finding me wherever I go:

The spring fair:

Dogs that bark at me from windows while I walk deep in the hilltop:


Of course, the black cat who curls up on rainy afternoons:


New-to-me things like glasses with modern miracles like progressive lenses:


Kids at those insane birthday parties and in living room tents that make them grin and the heads of the parents spin:

And more flowers — especially the ones in my mother’s back yard.


I keep up a good show after spring passes into summer but I never feel quite as alive as I do this time of year. I agree with Emily Dickinson. Just existing in this season feels like a sacrament.


May you find flowers and grace as we fall down into summer-

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 6.57.01 AM

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