How to Find Hidden Treasure in a Parking Lot (Without Squishing It)



My surprise treasure for this week came from driving my mom to and from her cataract surgery.

I took a day off about a month ago to help her get a new eye lens surgically implanted. We both hope this will help her see colors again and do her work as an artist better.

I had waited at a coffee shop for an hour or so in town and was driving back to pick her up from the opthamologist for the drive home when I took a wrong turn into the nearby Fred Meyer parking lot.

I smacked my head with my hand and then told myself that she probably wasn’t ready yet and there really was no hurry. I am glad I reminded myself to slow down.

As I drove around the concrete island, a small fluffy waddling caught my eye just at the front corner of the driver’s side tire.

I stopped.

At first I couldn’t see the mother duck because she had, for some crazy reason, taken her charges directly in front of the wheels of my fat red mini-van.

Then I had the attack of cuteness-overload that comes with seeing baby ducks following their mother.

I jumped out and tried to get their picture without scaring the fluff off of them. While I don’t think I scared them too badly, my pictures are a little less than I would like.

IMG_4580 IMG_4579

Still. The waddlers were a treasure.

Later, while waiting on mom for another appointment, my young son and I found an entire duck-filled park hiding behind the Fred Meyer that I had never seen before in all the years of visiting that parking lot. Apparently that was where the van-dodging mother duck was headed.

May you find your own surprises this week and notice them before you squash them.

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 6.57.01 AM

Ducks and Truck_edited-1

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