Off the Language Track: An English Teacher Tortures Herself with Mathematics


slide rule

In a change from my usual programming, I am posting a math problem. Which goes to show that you never can tell what you will end up doing in your life.

I shared this problem on Facebook:

Optional Math Problem (courtesy of the math teacher who shares my office):
Use any operation (addition, subtraction, etc.) between the numbers to make the equation true. I filled in the 2’s for an example. The 1’s are the most difficult. I suggest doing those last. And any fault in the instructions or layout falls to the English teacher. I am writing this up from memory.

1 1 1 = 6
2+2+2 = 6
3 3 3 = 6
4 4 4 = 6
5 5 5 = 6
6 6 6 = 6
7 7 7 = 6
8 8 8 = 6
9 9 9 = 6

P.S. I need a word problem to stump him with for a time. The 1/5 Dr. Seuss thing was helpful.

I’m posting a picture of my messy answers a few space bars below if you’d like to see them. My mathematics friend said more than one answer is possible for a few of the numbers.










2 thoughts on “Off the Language Track: An English Teacher Tortures Herself with Mathematics

  1. Zarkon

    Thanks for posting here as well as on FB. Looks like for several of the problems that there are several answers. For instance fours (4s) and nines (9s) can be the same as twos (2s) and threes (3s) by using square roots. On eights (8s) I used cube roots to make it the same as twos (2s), but I like your square root of the square root answer. I hope that everyone who played with this had as much fun as I did.

    • Karrie Zylstra

      The square root of a square root was a huge hint from my math friend, Zarkon. He gets all the credit for that one. And for making this fun for me. I’ll pass on how much you liked this at this risk of encouraging him to come up with more.

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