How to See Your Life Flash Before Your Eyes


Dad on a raft - TPL file

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got scads of photos floating around on the hard drive of your computer. My hard drive isn’t even originally mine. It first belonged to my dad who bought the computer I’m working on now the year before he died.

Dad’s photo was once again in the paper this last Sunday. (He’s the one in jeans above.) I bet when he skipped school to paddle on Hoodlum Lake, he never imagined the computer now holding the digital version of him I bought yesterday from the Tacoma Public Library.

Looking at one of these few photos from his childhood got me to thinking about all the pictures I tucked away on this computer and how I’d like to bring them up from storage without the killjoy of organizing them.

About that time I noticed my screen wasn’t going into save mode. I monkeyed around with the display settings and found a program that scrolls through my pictures and randomly throws them up. I set it to go off after one minute. Sometimes it’s distracting when I’m journaling to see those photos, but most of the time I enjoy the pause. They pop up in no particular order, urging me to guess what was happening or remember suddenly that day we went to the beach. 

Seeing images from my life over the past few years reminds me of my everyday best moments a bit like opening a happiness jar. Those moments swirl with kids playing in lakes on hot summer days, artwork in downtown Puyallup, selfies I took while walking near my home, my treks to Whidbey Island, photos I took to post here, and even the boring garage pics I took for the insurance company after we were robbed. My life flashes before my eyes without me having to die just yet.

The Daily Digi has some ideas for using photos, and I may even get a few canvas prints done. But in the meantime, I’ll keep pausing to gaze at what flies up on my screen after a minute has passed. Those faces and places remind me that it is a wonderful world, just like Louis Armstrong said. (Yes, I do hear that cheesy sweet song in my head while looking at my own photos. Go ahead and call me sappy. I know I am.)

Have you looked through your own bazillion photos on your hard drive? As long as you’re not trying to organize them, I’m betting you’ll hear the same song.

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